Rode Video

This was a commission from film director, Clinton Harn and a promotional vehicle for Rode Microphones. This short film was a personal project of Clinton's. I couldn't pass up documenting a zombie film! The shoot was conducted over a rainy night in Sydney. I documented the entire shoot which was shot in an old wheat grain silo. The video is coming soon!

"Making of" Photographs

These interior shots were shot inside a grain silo. This is a close up shot of her going, "Errraggghhh,.... brains!". The cameraman here is using a Sony F55.


Clinton used a full steady-cam rig which was assembled in his living room and transported to the exterior location which was a main road close by.


A part of the shoot was to show case Rode Microphones. Rode is a premium brand of microphones made in Australia and used in the film, television and music industries.