Hot Yoga

Bonfire Yoga prides itself on empowering its customers to feel younger, more relaxed and healthier to cope with the demands of modern life. I have been working with Bonfire Yoga for a number of years, helping them not only with marketing imagery, but also in documenting the story of Bonfire's expansion into a wide range of communities. I practice Yoga regularly with Bonfire and am privileged to help increase Bonfire's presence and promote the practice of Yoga generally.

Timelapse Video

A time lapse of a 90 minute Bonfire Yoga practice



The above image shows a panoramic shot of the foyer/reception area of Bonfire's Browns Plains facility.

The shot on the right shows Bonfire's yoga teachers and chiropractic team.


Some of the images have been used for newsletters, brochures, posters and advertising material.


Bonfire is not just a Yoga centre but a total wellness centre offering chiropractic care, massage and nutritional advice services.